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Multi-tiered Positive Behavior Supports

Multi-tiered Positive Behavior Supports

State law encourages districts to implement school-wide positive behavioral interventions or tiered frameworks.

The Wisconsin School Mental Health Framework

This guide provides a framework for implementing school-based mental health and positive behavioral interventions and supports.

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Wisconsin Statutes 118.42 Low-performing school districts and schools; state superintendent interventions.

(1) If the state superintendent determines that a school district has been in need of improvement for 4 consecutive school years, the school board shall do all of the following:

  • (a) Employ a standard, consistent, research-based curriculum that is aligned with the state’s model academic Standard, as determined by the state superintendent, and across grades in all schools.
  • (b) Use pupil academic performance data, including data indicating improvement in pupil academic achievement and English language acquisition, to differentiate instruction to meet individual pupil needs. To the extent practicable, the school board shall assess pupils in the language and form most likely to yield accurate data.
  • (c) Implement for all pupils a system of academic and behavioral supports and early interventions, including diagnostic assessments, instruction in core academic subjects, different instructional strategies for different pupils, and strategies to improve reading and mathematics instruction and promote positive behavior.
  • (d) Provide additional learning time to address the academic needs of pupils who are struggling academically, including pupils whose proficiency in English is limited. The additional learning time may include an extended school day, an extended school year, summer school, or intersession courses.
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