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South Carolina

Multi-tiered Positive Behavior Supports

Multi-tiered Positive Behavior Supports

State law encourages districts to implement school-wide positive behavioral interventions or tiered frameworks.

South Carolina Code of Laws 59-66-40. School safety task force.


  • (1) There is created a school safety task force to:
  • (a) examine the various funding streams for school-based mental health services and determine how these streams may best be utilized in order to provide more accessible and efficient delivery of mental health programs;
  • (b) examine school mental health staffing ratios and provide suggestions that allow for the full delivery of services and effective school-community partnerships, including collaboration between school districts;
  • (c) develop Standard for district level policies to promote effective school discipline and mental health intervention services;
  • (d) examine current intra— and interagency collaboration and suggest ways to improve cooperation; and
  • (e) examine how to best support multitiered systems of support.
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