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Professional Development for Cultural Competency

Professional Development for Cultural Competency

State law encourages districts to provide professional development for school personnel on cultural competency.

Kansas Social-Emotional character Development (SECD)

SECD is teaching, practicing, modeling and encouraging essential personal life habits that are universally understood as making people good human beings and citizens.

Policy Type

Kansas Statutes 75-763. Rules and regulations for skill development training for school misconduct.

(a) The attorney general shall, in collaboration with the Kansas law enforcement training center and the state board of education, promulgate rules and regulations by January 1, 2017, creating a skill development training for responding effectively to misconduct in school while minimizing student exposure to the juvenile justice system.

(b) The skill development training shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • (1) Information on adolescent development;

  • (2) risk and needs assessments;

  • (3) mental health;

  • (4) diversity;

  • (5) youth crisis intervention;

  • (6) substance abuse prevention;

  • (7) trauma-informed responses; and

  • (8) other evidence-based practices in school policing to mitigate student juvenile justice exposure.

    (c) The superintendent of each school district or the superintendent’s designee and any law enforcement officer primarily assigned to a school shall complete the skill development training. Source: Kansas Legislature

Policy Type