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Multi-hazard Practice Drills

Multi-hazard Practice Drills

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23 V.I.C. § 554 Functions of the Director of Fire Services relating to fire service

The Director of Fire Services shall—

  • (1) Prepare and issue, subject to the approval of the Governor, such rules and regulations as are necessary for the efficient operation of the fire service.
  • (2) Prepare and issue rules and regulations governing protection of fire apparatus; fire drills in schools, public buildings, and other places where such drills may be necessary; the operation of volunteer fire squads; and the institution of a training program for members of the service. Such rules and regulations shall have the force and effect of law when approved by the Governor.
  • (3) Determine the qualification for enlistment and recruiting of volunteer firemen and other volunteer members of the fire service.
  • (4) Keep a record of all fires, including statistics as to the extent of such fires and the damage caused by them and whether such losses were covered by insurance, and if so, to what extent. Such records shall be made daily from the reports made by the appropriate personnel of the fire service. All such reports shall be public.
  • (5) Make and transmit to the Governor an annual report containing a resume of all the activities carried on by the service during the year, with such statistics as may be necessary to include therein. The report should also recommend such amendments to the rules and regulations as, in the judgment of the Director of Fire Services, may be desirable.
  • (6) Institute and carry on a training program and through personal inspections keep informed of the progress and efficiency of the fire service.
  • (7) Receive, with the approval of the Governor, donations in money, real and/or personal property from the Federal Government or from any public or private entity, whether in trust or in ownership, or in any other form; Provided, That in the case of money or any other financial assistance, the funds received shall be covered into the General Fund of the treasury of the Government of the Virgin Islands.
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